On the material of anti-smog mask

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Anti-smog masks are made of the following materials:
Mask: non-woven cloth, bridge of the nose, ear hanger.
3 layers mask: non-woven cloth, bridge tendon, ear hanger, filter paper.
Activated carbon mask: non-woven cloth, nose non-woven cloth mask beam tendon, ear hanging, filter paper, activated carbon filter paper.
Masks should be cleaned and disinfected daily. Both gauze masks and air filter masks can be disinfected by heating the gauze masks. The specific approach is as follows:
1. Cleaning. First, gently rub the gauze mask with warm water and soap. The bowl-shaped mask can be dipped in detergent with a soft brush, and then washed with clean water. Please be careful not to rub it vigorously, because if the gap between the warp and weft of the gauze is too large, it will lose its function of preventing droplet.
2. Disinfection. Soak the clean mask in a 2% solution of peracetic acid for 30 minutes or boil it in boiling water for 20 minutes or steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes, then leave to dry. This method is suitable for gauze masks and bowl-shaped masks.
3. Check. Before using the mask again, you should carefully check whether the mask and mask are still in good condition. For gauze masks and masks, you can take the method of light transmittance inspection, that is, take it to the front of the lamp to look at it and see if there are any obvious blips. The transmittance of the middle part and the edge part is consistent. In any case, masks and masks are usually updated after three to seven cleanings, and masks of particularly good quality can be cleaned up to 10 times. Activated carbon adsorption masks should be replaced regularly. If the activated carbon sandwich is not replaceable, it should be replaced after 7 to 14 days. Such masks should not be reused after cleaning.