What should be noticed when using disposable medical masks?

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There are many things to pay attention to when wearing disposable medical masks. The first is not to reuse these masks, which is strictly prohibited. Moreover, generally pm2.5 masks need to be replaced after wearing them for up to eight hours. In addition, when using masks, please be careful not to use them on both sides. This is very dangerous, because the outside of the masks is full of bacteria. It is not safe to change the surgical mask belt. And make sure you keep the clean side inside and in the envelope when you're not wearing it.
1. If the mask is moistened by hot breath or saliva, the mask's barrier to germs will be greatly reduced. So, at ordinary times had better have a few more masks, in order to replace use.
2. If the mask is used in hospitals or other high-risk places, no matter how long it is used, please do not use it once it is removed, so as to avoid contamination when touching the mask.
3. When wearing or taking off the mask, you may come into contact with the bacteria attached to the surface of the mask. In order to reduce the chance of infection, special attention should be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of your hands.
Also want to wear a few more masks at ordinary times, so that can be replaced. Another thing to note is that if the mask is removed in a hospital, it should be thrown away and cannot be used again, because the hospital may be infected with bacteria, viruses and so on. Be on your guard in advance.