How to give gauze mask disinfection?

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Disinfection of gauze masks:
1. Cleaning: first, gently scrub the gauze mask with warm water and fresh water. The bowl-shaped mask can be dipped in detergent with a soft brush N95 mask and then cleaned with clean water. Please note, do not rub hard, because if the warp and weft of gauze gap is too large to lose the effect of anti - droplet.
2. Disinfection: soak the clean mask in 2% peracetic acid solution activated carbon mask for 30 minutes or boil it in boiling water for 20 minutes or steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes, then dry it in the sun. This applies to gauze masks and bowl-shaped masks.
3, view: before using again, should carefully check whether the mask and mask are still intact, about gauze mask and mask can adopt the view of light inspection, that is, get the lamp to look after, see if there is a significant point of light, the central part and the marginal part of the light transmittance is common, if there is a question is about to replace the new. In any case, masks and masks are usually updated after three to seven cleaning sessions, and masks of particularly good quality can be cleaned up to 10 times. Activated carbon adsorption mask to pay attention to the timing replacement of activated carbon sandwich, if activated carbon sandwich is not replaced, used 7 to 14 days will be replaced, this mask is not clean and then repeated use.