Discussion on the storage method of dust respirator

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  • 发布日期:2020-05-17 14:19
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Speaking of dust masks, we must be very familiar with them, they can protect the safety of our respiratory system, is when we carry out some work, we must wear protective equipment.
Protective masks have their protective properties. If we do not store them in the right environment when they are stored, their protective functions will disappear and they will no longer be able to protect the safety of our respiratory system.
Let me give you some information about the storage conditions and the limitations.
What you need to know about the storage conditions of dust masks:
1. When storing protective masks, please keep them in good condition and keep them away from the polluted environment.
2. When storing respirators, you should avoid them from being squeezed by other machines or objects. At the same time, you should avoid storing them in a humid or high-temperature environment, not to mention exposure to sunlight.
3. When storing protective masks, store them in an environment with a temperature between 0 ° c and 50 ° c, and the relative temperature in this area should also be below 50%.