On the correct way to wear gauze mask

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Gauze masks are used in many places, so how can you wear them comfortably and correctly? Let's learn together?
Turn the nose clip up and rest the respirator gauze mask on your chin. If you have two headbands, place the headband of the upper N95 mask on top of your head and place the lower band over your head at the back of your neck, below your ears. If there is only one headband, the headband should be placed on top of the activated carbon mask. Make sure the respirator gauze mask covers your nose and mouth and covers your chin. Looking in a mirror can help adjust the position of the respirator on your face.
Place the fingertips of your hands on top of the metal nose clip. If there is no metal nose clip, there is no way to adjust it. With both hands, press the nose clip gauze mask on the bridge of your nose and shape the clip according to the shape of the bridge of your nose. One - handed nose clip will lead to poor sealing and reduce the protective effect. You have to use both hands.